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SaaS will remain the most popular aaS in the 2013

Despite the emergence of new services of providing different parts IT infrastructure, SaaS is the most popular among all the models of on-demand services. SaaS is on the top of the list of services such as datacenter as a service, database as a service, with services such as testing and development as a service at the end.


The Clouds are of different kinds

One thing is for certain - cloud computing solutions are becoming part of the IT toolbox in the growing number of firms and organizations. In a world that increasingly depends on technology, on-demand services represent a new model for the creation and delivery of IT resources: it provides flexibility to handle difficult-to-predict loads, scalability in times of significant increase in demand for resources, and costs at the level that enables their use by any business user.  


Effective scalling - with automation only

One of the main reasons why it is worth moving your enterprise resources to the cloud is the ability of scaling resources. For many of these enterprises, scaling means the achievement of all these features regarded with economies of scale, managing large collections of computing resources in the most effective and efficient manner. With this economy, the computing resources will be available to business end-users in a much lower cost than they would be in traditional infrastructure.