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The Clouds are of different kinds

One thing is for certain - cloud computing solutions are becoming part of the IT toolbox in the growing number of firms and organizations. In a world that increasingly depends on technology, on-demand services represent a new model for the creation and delivery of IT resources: it provides flexibility to handle difficult-to-predict loads, scalability in times of significant increase in demand for resources, and costs at the level that enables their use by any business user.


Lamborghini moves to the cloud for better scalability

Inspite  of the fact that Lamborghini cars are one of the fastest in the world  (Diablo can reach 200 miles per hour), the company’s IT infrastructure  cannot boast such an achievement in deploying modest solutions that  fast.Read More


EuroCloud Poland for enhancing business, science and public administration to the Cloud

EuroCloud  Europe is an organization that brings together cloud computing  environment in business and science from the member states of the  European Union and the Eastern European Cloud Partnership, and is a  major partner of the European Commission in the field of cloud  computing.