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The role of personalization in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

One of the key features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is the ability to configure software to tailor them to user’s needs. Users can personalize the areas in which they operate every day in many ways. Why does it matter? Personalization of your workplace with Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows for greater work efficiency, speed and productivity. If you do not like some aspect of the CRM settings, you can change them, which leads to better, faster and more complete user’s implementation into the system.  

Implementation into the system, or lack thereof is the most common reason for the CRM project fall. Along with the CRM software market maturity, the likelihood that the project falls decreased to almost zero. But to CRM success, all users must use it in full and it must be adapted across the entire company or organization. The more enthusiastically users use the system, the more successful they will be. The system must therefore be simple to understand, easy to use, match the style of work with users and kept by this help them to perform their duties.  
Users can customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM in both options – in the cloud as well as the on-premise. Regardless of the options of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 contains many small, easy-to-change features that help users in the far-reaching adaptation of this tool for their needs.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you easy access to the last and most frequently used records and allows you to set many records that you want to be listed. It includes forms tailored to the user's workstation, you can set how you want to show date and number of links and controls used in the user's workstation view. 
But personalization is not the only feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which helps users to adapt to the new solution. Other features such as the familiar interface, overall ease of use, navigation and reporting, flexibility, and many other aspects to render the Microsoft Dynamics CRM the leading solution of this class.