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SaaS will remain the most popular cloud model

The latest study "2012 Future of Cloud Computing Survey" by North Bridge Venture Partners from San Francisco showed the current trends in cloud solutions adaptation and users’ preferences regarding cloud computing models.



In the study participated representatives of the both - organizations with established market position, developing companies and start-ups - and it focused on gathering businesses’ opinions on their perception of, among others, the trends emerging within cloud computing technologies. In the research took part 785 respondents – the IT industry experts, cloud users and service providers.


The main findings of the study are:


- Cloud computing solutions are increasingly fast gaining trust of businesses, and 50% of respondents believe that the solutions can also be used for business critical applications;


- Scalability is the main reason for implementing the Cloud - 57% of companies consider this trait as the driving force of its ad. Another reason cited is the ability to respond to business needs of companies - 54%;


- 55% of respondents considered security issues the greatest obstacle to implementation of the cloud, second listed were legal regulations associated with the cloud - 38% and vendor-lock-in - 32%;


- The most popular today, and - according to forecasts - probably in the future cloud model is SaaS (Software as a Service), because such services are currently used by 82% of the surveyed businesses and over the next five years SaaS is going to be used by 88%;


- Within the next 5 years, there will be significant increase in the popularity of the remaining service models, PaaS and IaaS – in platform services from 40 to 72%, and in infrastructure services from 51 to 66%;


- Most popular business solutions from the cloud are backup and archiving (43%), recovery of data and systems (25%), collaboration tools (22%) and big data processing (19%);


- 40% of respondents answered that they are currently implementing public cloud strategies, and 36% use a hybrid model;


- The next 5 years will bring the change, consisting in the fact that the hybrid cloud will be used by 52 % of businesses;


- According to 80% of the surveyed, the area in which importance of cloud computing will grow the most is big data;


- Service vendors recognized analytics and big data the most important cloud services provided;


- The majority of respondents (53%) believe that cloud computing reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) and simplify IT workflows.