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Qualcomm: By the 2013, 90% of smartphones will be connected to the cloud

Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular. And it is not just about the devices as such, but most of all about mobile and cloud computing services, providing users with the necessary information and resources.



Qualcomm Incorporated, an American vendor specializing in mobile communication, has published its forecast stating that by the end of the 2013, 90% of smartphones will be connected to the cloud. The most popular will become private services – such as private photo and media storage in the cloud. More commonly used will be also applications and processes for servers and remote devices, instead of their local use.


Qualcomm even claims that by the 2014, smartphones will become the most popular method of connecting to the cloud, more popular then PCs. Already today users connect by smartphones not only to their photo storages, but also to work remotely.


“The phone becomes a key control point”, said Rob Chandhok, Qualcomm Innovation Center president. He also predicts that everything will be based on proximity. Regarding this, smartphones should “know” if their owners are home, and then communicate with other devices connected in its environment. “We want devices to react to what’s going on around you, to learn more about you, and then use it to improve your life”, added Chandhok.


A similar concept is used by Facebook for sending geo-location status updates. The form’s representative said, that smartphones have potential to become the point where one’s digital life will concentrate, including house, work place, and everything between them.