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Microsoft offers Office 2013 in the Cloud

At one of their US conferences, Microsoft announced the availability of the customer preview version of Office 2013 ready for downloads. This product is to be focused on solutions for meetings and communication, and will be available in subscription through continually upgraded cloud service.


Microsoft's flagship product, which still generates business revenues of 15 billion dollars a year, has been redesigned so that it became a solutions for mobile devices, enabling to use tablet’s options such as handwriting recognition and touch-screen operation.


As a representative of Microsoft said, the new Office will bring high productivity and flexibility for both home and business users. Office 2013 is a cloud service and will be able to show all its options with Windows 8.


As one of its new features, the Office 2013 offers a typically “cloudy” solutions, tailored to individual user’s requirements, which may be key features of this product in the next few years:  


•    SkyDrive. The Office 2013 saves documents by default on SkyDrive, so they are always available through a tablet, PC or phone. The files are also available off-line and sync when you reconnect.


 •    Roaming. When subscribing to Office 2013, all settings, including the recently used files, templates and dictionaries are stored and available virtually from any device.


•    Office on demand. With the subscription, you can use the Office even without access to a desktop computer, by streaming applications on a Windows computer connected to the Internet.


•    New services on subscription. The new Office is available as a subscription cloud service. As standard, users get their cloud service’s standard version upgrades, including Skype gear and additional storage on SkyDrive.


New products will now form the back-bone of Microsoft Office 365 subscription cloud services, which will provide versions of many of their other products on pay-as-you-use basis for both small and large businesses, including mail depending on the size of an organization and Skype package.