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Virtualization problems include zombies

Although it requires preparation and facing some challenges, virtualization may in the long run help to consolidate and increase efficiency of physical infrastructure. These challenges are, unfortunately, the reason why 98% of companies use only some forms of virtualization, and most do not virtualize more than 30% of their servers. And here is the clue in large-scale implementation in the area of virtualization. What problems are most frequently mentioned?      



Backup and recovery systems  

The essential and basic case. The security means in the case of virtual infrastructure are a bit different than with traditional physical servers, but more reliable and faster in their ability of data recovery.      


VM sprawl  

The main features of virtualization is its simplicity, low price and performance. But because the simplicity of creating a new machine is too great, virtualized environment can grow in uncontrolled manner. And when this happens the efficiency and costs may also start to fall out of control. VMs implemented one day for some purpose, but currently not needed, the existence of which even an administrator does not know or forgot about, have interesting names such as VM orphans or VM zombies.   


Storage planning  

This is something that should be done in every data center, but usually for different reasons is not being done. And the purpose for storage planning is to define the principles of tasks and the need for data to predict future demand for space to create on its basis of budgeting strategies, adoption and implementation within the data. Planning in this area is especially important when it comes to virtualization because of the dynamics of virtual resources. Forecasts on resources needed are based on the issues of CPU, memory, disk space, network bandwidth.      


Tipping point  

Once about 30% of servers is virtualized, it is time to consider taking the next step and moving critical applications to a virtual machine. Moving forward means total confidence in virtualization and virtual environment’s readiness to accept workloads at this level.   Building a private cloud       Virtual environment is not the private cloud yet. Every cloud must have features such as resource flexibility, easy provisioning and measurability.