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Cloud computing implementation case studies

In a webinar regarding cloud computing implementation in different companies, Gartner gave a few examples of organizations which had successfully implemented this method of computing. The proportion of companies using cloud computing solutions is continuously increasing and it is being predicted that it will grow to the level of 20% in 2012.



In spite of using the examples of large organizations, as they are widely known, Gartner says that these were small companies to start using cloud services because it is the most economical solution for their relatively low budgets, and the largest organizations started adopting cloud solutions in the last two or three years.      
To the question why cloud services have become more popular currently, Gartner answers there are three main reasons: exploitation of cloud economics, especially as response to global recession, acceptance of SaaS models, and wide portfolio of offerings from numerous providers of cloud computing services.
Eli Lilly – an American pharmaceutical gig, employing almost 42,000 people world-wide. Cloud solutions implementation gave them less expensive, rapid and seamless access to in and outside solutions offered by their providers. Driver for their implementation of cloud was the fact that traditional infrastructure deployment was inhibiting business. Furthermore, they desired to move from fixed to variable cost model, depending of the intensiveness of using resources provided by cloud.
Eli Lilly chose the solution of multiple cloud providers and consumerization with Google.
Benefits from implementing cloud solutions came soon: reduced provisioning cycle time – for a new server from 7.5 weeks to three minutes; new collaboration environment from eight weeks to five minutes; 64-node Linux cluster from twelve weeks to five minutes.



Razorfish – one of the largest world companies specialized in interactive marketing and technologies, employing over 2,000 people world-wide. The reason why Razorfish entered cloud technologies was the need to improve their ability to respond quickly to customer demands by supporting highly visible web campaigns, as well as supporting high volume short run campaigns more cost effectively. To complete the implementation, Razorfish used solutions for building cloud infrastructure platform, building blogs, Microsites, campaign-related pages for large companies.
Benefits were numerous – time for completing a project decreased from four – six weeks previously to 24-48 hours with cloud, and costs decreased from tens of thousands of dollars to 3-5 thousand on average 25% of cost. 
Based on:
Cearley D., Phifer G. Case Studies in Cloud Computing,, 20.09.2010