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SAAS - Software as a Service

What is the SaaS (Software as a Service)?


It is a service of providing users with the necessary software functions via Internet by a provider or authorized partner. Clients have access to functional tools they need, not necessarily unified by seamless interface.



Microsoft offers Office 2013 in the Cloud

At one of their US conferences, Microsoft announced the availability of the customer preview version of Office 2013 ready for downloads. This product is to be focused on solutions for meetings and communication, and will be available in subscription through continually upgraded cloud service.


Qualcomm: By the 2013, 90% of smartphones will be connected to the cloud

Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular. And it is not just about the devices as such, but most of all about mobile and cloud computing services, providing users with the necessary information and resources.



Why ERP in the Cloud model?

ERP  systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) used by an increasing number of  organizations are the solutions that guarantee increased competitiveness  and productivity. Typically, these are key business systems in  companies, but these are usually installed on premises. Is it possible  to get additional benefits from the ERP system as a cloud computing  solution?


SaaS will remain the most popular cloud model

The latest study "2012 Future of Cloud Computing Survey" by North Bridge Venture Partners from San Francisco showed the current trends in cloud solutions adaptation and users’ preferences regarding cloud computing models.