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IAAS - Infrastructure as a Service

What is the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)?


It is a fully outsourced service of providing IT infrastructure as a distinct from a self owned preliminary infrastructure capital investing model. IaaS operates with SaaS and PaaS. 


Virtualization problems include zombies

Although it requires preparation and facing some challenges, virtualization may in the long run help to consolidate and increase efficiency of physical infrastructure. These challenges are, unfortunately, the reason why 98% of companies use only some forms of virtualization, and most do not virtualize more than 30% of their servers. And here is the clue in large-scale implementation in the area of virtualization. What problems are most frequently mentioned?      


The Cloud is for Big Data

A growing number of organizations and companies consider cloud computing the best place to process their big data. In the times when competitiveness is a key element in business success, its most important asset becomes information. The organizations and companies that own and process the vast amounts of data every day, every second analyze such large packets of information that some of traditional data centers have ever processed. 


What you should know about archiving in the cloud

The development of archiving services in the cloud provides companies with more opportunities to outsource the underlying infrastructure and the potential for creating added value for users by using the virtual unlimited possibilities. The key issue for e-archiving becomes the discovery of data from the archive. 


Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is one of the three models of service delivery within cloud computing solutions next to SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service).