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Our Mission

Who are we?


We are the highest class IT specialists

Intratel Sp. z o.o. has fifteen years of experience in IT services and a team of superior IT technicians, which enables us to comprehensively maintain IT departments for the both – small companies and large enterprises, providing them not only with the best world standard products but technical support as well.    


Our Mission      


Our mission is to permanently increase the role of our company and its share in the IT market. Our aim to realize the mission is to provide customers with the superior quality of IT services and products at every level of complexity.      


What do we offer? With our support you can do everything


Our basic aim is to provide customers with the highest level of services. We fulfill it in everything we do, which include:  

• Highly-Specialized and complex IT services for customers     

• Cloud computing solutions     

• Implementing IT systems tailored to the needs of every kind of organization     

• Managing and servicing IT systems     

• IT technologies audits     

• IT development solutions    


What is the field of our performance? We work with the best


Currently, Intratel has a stabile position at Podlasie as a provider of superior class IT solutions and services. We were appreciated by our Clients, and among them: Philips, Biazet S.A., SMP Poland, Rosti Polska. With well-established position at the local market, we are continually making efforts to win new Clients. Our business activity focuses at build a strong, well-managed services providing company, with the ability to compete, collaborate and become a solid partner for the largest companies in the range of IT services.