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Cloud Computing World Forum

     From June 29th to July 1st 2010, invited by its organizers, I was participating in Cloud Computing World Forum, taking place in London Olympia Conference Center. It was undoubtedly one of the greatest enterprises of this king in Europe. Over 100 representatives of such organizations like British Airways, Lloyds TSB,, BBC, Microsoft, McAfee, Royal Mail, Telegraph Media Group, Verizon, Deloitte, VMware, Gartner, BAE Systems, Fujitsu, NHS, Orange, Tom Tom, Siemens and many others spoke on this 2nd annual meeting for discussing cloud computing, SaaS and virtualization.

Cloud Computing World Forum was an event where you could meet all of the world’s cloud computing providers’ decision makers and which delivered a platform for the global cloud and SaaS industry. Main topics during the conference were: the cloud’s current state in the market, cloud’s meaning for business, implementing strategy and integration techniques, security and privacy as well as the future of cloud computing. Co-located with Green Enterprise World Forum and CloudCamp, the conference was a core experience for Senior IT professional wanting to stay up-to-date with industry trends, topics and knowledge. The event provided great networking opportunities for industry leaders, giving each participant the opportunity to meet and do business with like-minded persons.
To me personally, the greatest advantage was to know opinions and doubts of IT decision makers in big corporations regarding usage of the cloud and SaaS technologies. They presented the concerns they had before implementing the solutions, explained what had made them choose these solutions and advantages they gained.

Very interesting was the presentation of one of the British parliament representatives responsible for IT strategy. She presented a plan for issuing a part of IT solutions, which are to be moved into cloud.        
It is worth noticing that level of usage for these solutions in Great Britain and USA is incomparable to their usage in Poland. Nevertheless, the trend and capital investments in developing the cloud technology by the largest representatives of the polish IT market indicate the direction for the technology development.
It is being foreseen – with a great dose of probability that like other crucial technologies, cloud computing will find its place in Poland with a delay. Although, its use may become as popular as the use of internet has become.