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Econimic mission with uor participation

Entrepreneurs and representatives of regional administrative institutions from the Eastern Poland took part in the economic mission to India, which included, among others, the  NASSCOM India Leadership Forum seminar. The trip was a part of the Programme for Economic Promotion of Eastern Poland. It was the third time that Intratel participated in an economic mission, which in total gathered 20 entrepreneurs from Eastern Poland, the two special economic zones (Mielec SEZ and Tarnobrzeg SEZ) and administrative representatives of Lublin, Rzeszow and Bialystok.  



During the trip entrepreneurs, representatives of special economic zones and the Polish authorities from the Eastern Poland met in Mumbai with businesses representatives affiliated in Chambers - Indo-Polish Chamber of Commerce, The Council of EU Chambers of Commerce of India and The Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry.           


The cities and SEZs’ representatives also visited the special economic zone in Noida near New Delhi and Uflex manufacturing facility. The Polish cities authorities and the representatives of the economic zones presented their offer at a seminar organized in collaboration with the Punjab Haryana Delhi Chamber of Commerce.           


The Eastern Poland delegation attended for the third time The NASSCOM India Leadership Forum, the largest seminar of the IT/BPO/KPO sector in India. Every year, these meetings involve several thousand participants representing companies and institutions that support the growth of global IT and BPO sector.  


Participation in the fair was organized by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) in the Programme of Economic Promotion of Eastern Poland, Eastern Poland Development Programme, Measure I.4 Promotion and Cooperation.