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The benefits are too obvious

The benefits from cloud computing are defined in many different ways. They may oscillate from cost reduction to increase flexibility and from lower complexity to higher value added and through this to higher ROI.


No definition for Cloud Computing

Cloudcomputing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) have been recently the most popular terms in IT and communications and the most popular among their users cloudy technologies.


SAAS, PAAS, IAAS - what are they?

These are the three kinds of services from the range of cloud computing. The services mean providing users with, respectively software, platform and infrastructure by Internet, depending on the user’s needs. Advantages from using the services are many, including decreasing costs, better availability of new technologies and scalability according to current needs.


Changing the role of IT managers

Time of changes

We live in times of transition. The world economy is recovering from recession. Organizations change their strategies from cost cutting efficiency to productive value creating. Technologies turn from the on-premise infrastructure model to buying the infrastructure as a service. In addition, IT Managers change the IT departments from managing existing resources to the model where they take responsibility for results.


Why CLOUD means IT revolution?

Although the term cloud computing had been known for some time, it has just been the current economical crisis that made the cloud services develop rapidly. In the same time the potential users are searching for alternative IT solutions enabling cost savings and becoming a prevalence competitive globally.