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What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing meens providing users with IT applications and infrastructure delivered as an internet service using utility pricing model. Cloud computing provides organizations with solutions enabling them constantly fit technologies and tools to their actual needs.

Clouds for everyone?

Organization of every kind – small ones as well as the biggest enterprises can take advantages of cloud computing. from the economical and practical point of view, the mostly interested in cloud services and solutions are the beginners – firms starting their business mostly without extra money to invest in redundant infrastructure and resources waiting to be used in peak times.


Why cloud computing?

Because it pays.

Because besides decreasing expenses on software and hardware, users will see significant reduction in costs of subscriptions and entire infrastructure maintenance.


Cloud Guide - step by step

When the company executives decide to introduce cloud computing in the organization, it is crucial to remember that the process of implementing the cloud should be carried in accordance to the scheme below. These are the steps, a kind of a guide useful when implementing cloud computing.