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What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing meens providing users with IT applications and infrastructure delivered as an internet service using utility pricing model. Cloud computing provides organizations with solutions enabling them constantly fit technologies and tools to their actual needs.

     ‘Cloud’ is a metaphor describing the architecture of services of that kind. The computing is not taken on the user’s computer but on many servers located in the provider’s data center. Also in this data center are located servers where software is installed and users just see its interface in their personal computers. The package of services available to the users includes many services delivered by one or by a few different providers. The mostly polarized in the cloud are the users computers. The computers do not accumulate data but make access to the data available. If you would like to paint all these connections it would be a picture akin to a cloud. The entire internet could be also pictured this way.


     The idea of making software and services available via internet is not new – it started at the beginning of the internet era. Those days all computing had been taken on central computer units. Terminals devoid of any computing power served as work stations to enter and readout data. A few decades later in the times of personal computers, the economy and work organization reasons made users and service providers turn back to the old model. Although, cloud computing can not be called archaic – technology and ideas used in such services are usually the latest achievements of technology and economy.


     Companies unassociated with each other and sometimes even soliciting keep and compute data on the same servers, belonging to one provider. Servers located in one place generate lower maintaining costs comparing to those dislocated in each firm. One IT specialist works for deliverer, furniture manufacturer and toy shops group. All of the three companies pay fees for creating files, but to do it, they do not have to buy neither hardware nor software or employ any IT staff. Usually clients are not even interested where are physically located the computing machines they are using.


     These are mostly enterprises who take advantages of cloud computing, but also other institutions are interested –  Barack Obama and government of the USA are planning to solve problems with efficiency in the field of IT in American administration using cloud computing.