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Private cloud

Private cloud means an internal, company owned IT structure, which provides IT services to the given number of users, secured by a common firewall.

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Progress in virtualization and scattered computers enabled  net and data bases administrators in the biggest corporations effectively become services providers, fulfilling expectations of IT users inside organization.


Unlike public cloud, the private one is a self-owned net with data base using the cloud computing technologies, such as virtualization and also unlike the public one it requires full IT infrastructure capital investing.


An on the premises private cloud is managed internally.


It was forecasted that private clouds would be the future of IT for all companies. But what about the cost efficiency of small and medium size companies? Creating private clouds involves capital investments (buying hardware and software), creating (company level virtualization, data center) and managing IT infrastructure (IT specialists employing).


For companies, which can not bear high entering costs of IT infrastructure, the private cloud seem to be the best solutionas as a hosted service .