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PAAS - Platform as a Service

What is PaaS (Platform as a Service)?


It is an external service of delivering the IT platform and a package of solutions, making applications dislocation easier without any entering costs, buying and managing hardware, software and upgrades.

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The PaaS also enables clients to develop their own applications with the use of tools and services delivered by provider. PaaS provides services for developing, testing, dislocating, managing and hosting applications in one integrated environment. PaaS operates on IaaS.


What is necessary to use PaaS?


Connection to Internet.


What are the advantages of SaaS?


1. Lower costs. Using the PaaS, clients do not bear the costs of purchasing, installation and managing the IT infrastructure. It is the provider who takes care of upgrades and other routine performance to keep the system work accurately. If upgrades of the PaaS are implemented correctly, they will not disturb functions of applications they operate on.


2. Easy dislocation. Instead of worrying about infrastructure, the company executives may focus on development and innovations. Some providers offer a preliminary business functionality working out service to eliminate any errors while matching applications for PaaS.


3. Lower risk. No entering hardware and software investments means lower risk. With PaaS the only thing necessary is a computer connected to internet to start building up applications. Usage of an application is scalable from one user to teens of thousands of users without any changes to the application. The platform assigns resources to proper applications and users dynamically in appropriate time.


4. Supporting group. The PaaS providers offer creating an on-line users support group to share experiences in using the service, get new ideas and search advice from other users.