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IAAS - Infrastructure as a Service

What is the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)?


It is a fully outsourced service of providing IT infrastructure as a distinct from a self owned preliminary infrastructure capital investing model. IaaS operates with SaaS and PaaS. 


Instead of purchasing servers, software licenses, place for data center, network equipment, taking care of securities, backups, and self owned infrastructure functions availability, clients pay their IaaS provider for the service and it is his job to keep it work properly.


What are the attributes of IaaS’s?


It is a tool program service, enhancing administrative tasks automatization. The main features of the IaaS are: dynamic scaling, interface virtualization and via internet use.


What is necessary to use IaaS?


Connection to Internet.


What are the advantages of IaaS?


1. Lower capital and personal costs. By reducing the self-owned infrastructure, the corporation reduces both the capital costs and the costs of IT staff keeping the resources.    


2. Fees depending on intensiveness of usage. Instead of buying infrastructure which may remain unused for months or years or be just occasionally used, clients can purchase exactly the kind of infrastructure they need the very moment. This feature of the IaaS enables users to pay only for what is really necessary for them.   


3. Dynamic scaling. The IaaS users benefit form scaling in a few aspects regarding the environment in real time in accordance to the changes taking place in their corporations. Responding to client’s needs provider can gradually extend the initial capacity of his server depending on the growth of his business or seasons.     


4. Easy access to the modest IT technologies. The IaaS users have access to the highest level IT infrastructure and technical resources, which they would not be able to use if they had to invest capital to purchase each of its components.