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EuroCloud Poland for enhancing business, science and public administration to the Cloud

EuroCloud  Europe is an organization that brings together cloud computing  environment in business and science from the member states of the  European Union and the Eastern European Cloud Partnership, and is a  major partner of the European Commission in the field of cloud  computing.


Anna Katarzyna Nietyksza has been appointed to the Board of the  EuroCloud Europe and designated the President of the Polish part of the  emerging EuroCloud Poland association.



The  target that the Association has set itself is integration of business,  consumer and public administration environments in Poland in the  Europe’s new sector of services - Cloud Computing. It is going to be a  platform for collaboration between the IT sector, Cloud Computing  solutions environment, among others SaaS and mobile technology  solutions, public administration and the European institutions.



EuroCloud Poland will apply for EU funds, do the consulting with public  administration and all sorts of activities aimed at popularization and  education in the field of Cloud Computing. One of the most important  business objectives of the Association is introducing Cloud Computing  vendors seeking growth capital, with investors, both institutional and  individual. EuroCloud  Poland Association will coordinate Cloud Computing information  campaigns, organizing conferences and congresses, as well as it will be  the issuer of Cloud solutions security certificates, recognized among  others, by the IT Federal Bureau of Security (BSI).



"The European Commission's research shows that the Cloud Computing  market’s value in Europe alone is approximately €80 billion, and its  development is expected to contribute to increasing value of the  European GDP to €160 billion in 2020 - said Anna Katarzyna Nietyksza,  President of the EuroCloud Poland Association. Through the utilization  of clouds can be created 2.5 million new jobs in Europe, and 80% of  organizations are beginning to use Cloud Computing, achieve cost savings  of at least 10-20%, which is of great importance, especially in times  of the crisis. Until now, the barriers to the development of Cloud  Computing in Europe are the 27 different regulations such as data  protection. The European Commission has decided to create one general  regulation for all member states - adds Nietyksza. The European program  "Horizon 2020", which will come into force in 2014 will provide  approximately €2 billion to build new Cloud-based services."



In  the "Digital Agenda for Europe: a new strategy to boost business  performance and administration in Europe through the use of cloud  computing" strategy the European Commission proposed activities in the  three main areas: •  Standards and Certifications: to identify the necessary standards by  2013, which will help solve the problem of multiplicity of standards and  provide users with cloud interoperability, data transfer and data  reversibility and promoting mechanisms for reliable certification of  service providers in the cloud model, valid throughout the European  Union;

•  Security and accuracy of contracts: the development of pattern for "safe  and fair" conditions in contracts for Cloud services, including the  SLA;

•  European partnership for Cloud Computing: the establishment of  partnership between the European Union and industry stakeholders in  order to increase the European Cloud service providers’ competitiveness  and provide less expensive and better solutions in the field of  e-government.



"The term ‘digital energy’ it is more often used to describe cloud  computing. We must remember, however, that in addition to this  terminology, ‘digital energy’ market face three levels segmentation: Use  of Cloud, Cloud Services and Cloud Productivity. In addition, the  European Commission wants to treat Cloud services as ‘digital energy’.  Like other kinds of energy (e.g. electricity) it becomes a strategic  element of economic growth and employment. This is reflected in the  European Union’s digital agenda - said Eric Piagal, Vice President of  the EuroCloud Poland. The European Union aims to be "cloud-friendly" or  "cloud-active". But this is not sufficient for Poland, which already  plays significant role in the field of IT outsourcing. Now it is the key  time for Poland to prepare and mobilize, as well as have the ambition  to become a leading Cloud based solutions vendor. This is exactly what  the EuroCloud Poland will work on."



"High awareness of Polish companies on the use of cloud computing  solutions and financing abilities for this type of project by technology  start-ups will be the basis for innovation and leadership of the Polish  business in Europe" - said Piotr Toporek, Vice President of the  EuroCloud Poland Association."