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Security issues based on the experiences of 2011

The’s experts have identified concerns associated with keeping business-critical data and applications in the public cloud. At the same time they have developed ways to cope with a safe transition to the cloud, advising on security issues cloud based on the experiences of the past year.

10 questions that must be answered when storing data in the cloud
…to correctly understand risks, benefits and costs associated with keeping data in the cloud and especially the critical data. This is a kind of an audit consisting of questions about security in the cloud in the context of data ownership and transfer in the regard of a specific firm or organization.
Data security in the cloud: tactics and actions
Security specialists have one piece of advice in this issues: planning which means prioritizing security strategies and from the cloud deployment to create its detailed, ongoing monitoring.
Selection of tools where the cloud standards lack
New technologies make service providers seek to define new standards, but any conclusions regarding the management of cloud would come only with time. Lack of standards makes many potential users of the cloud moving away from this solution. Some service providers are still reluctant to the introduction of a homogenous solution, but experts say this should not be the reason for rejecting the clouds by organizations which have access to appropriate tools in place.
VMs’ security in the cloud
Security is being associated with firewalls and antivirus software protecting local data. For fast, efficient virtual machines in the cloud, such safeguards are not sufficient, because the greatest interest in this regard should raise providers offering tools to protect these machines.
Identity federation within the clouds
In organizations with dozens of applications in the cloud, although it provides password protection, the continuous password authentication may be burdensome. The identities federation will bring compromise between convenience and security by linking electronic identity with single login.