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What conditions must be fulfilled to enable banks use public cloud

Despite significant growth rate of cloud computing services in almost all industries and fields, there are many reasons why the solutions cannot be commonly used by banks. Banks have to choose between private clouds  and small projects solutions.


The Economist made an interesting observation in their recent report, claiming that, in spite of the investment banks limited, their retail business continues to grow, all thanks to technology. It is through the use of new technologies that the banking changed, mainly through:


- Improved quality of services through standardized technologies;

- Products are better tailored to the needs of customers by multi-sourcing data from a common repository;

- The banking becoming mobile.


Banks still need multiple guarantees that the data of their customers is safe. Potential provider of external service or private cloud outsourcing services to an institution such as a bank should deliver a few guarantees. A lot of time will have passed before banks recognize cloud data storage security conditions sufficient.


The key thing is data location. A trustworthy service provider is the one that has its own data center, and does not entrust data storage and processing to a third party, or even abroad.


As important as data location, is hackers and malware security. Cyber-attacks and data theft is a real threat, and therefore a good provider for his team employs the best specialists in this area and uses the highest grade of security. In total, this results in the data in the server of the service provider can realistically be safer than in their own data center institutions. Much better than the central bank can provide, will also infrastructure, which is built on the most standard hosting applications.


With a guarantee of security, the ultimate argument that can convince the bank's management to take advantage of cloud services, and not necessarily in the form of a private cloud is the economy. Clouds hosted outside not only bring significant economies of scale in terms of hardware, but the main benefits are associated with the fact that you can use on-demand resources anywhere, anytime. The cloud can be used for analysis and technical tests much faster, which not only saves time, but also brings competitive advantages.


The distrust of the banking to the public cloud services is understandable. But cloud computing offers tremendous new opportunities for customers and users. The technologies also provide large marketplace for developers of the best of breed services and solutions.