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SaaS will remain the most popular aaS in the 2013

Despite the emergence of new services of providing different parts IT infrastructure, SaaS is the most popular among all the models of on-demand services. SaaS is on the top of the list of services such as datacenter as a service, database as a service, with services such as testing and development as a service at the end.


In the TechTarget and Computer Weekly IT priorities survey in 2013 study, 55% of respondents mentioned SaaS as an external provider service, which they will use in the current year. SaaS is followed by services in the IaaS model, the use of which was declared by 34% of respondents. By comparison, only 12% of them mentioned the datacentre as a service, and 11% collaboration as a service. A double-digit level of interest was achieved by  test and application development services, and private clouds.


The British market research showed how careful the UK business is towards investing in on-demand services in 2013. Only 30% of IT decision makers said they planned to increase this year’s budget for cloud computing products. For comparison - 46% of respondents plan to invest in software and 43% in hardware resources this year.


Among their IT priorities for the 2013, 33% of respondents mentioned their plans to increase the influence of IT on the business growth, 23% planning to increase the level of automation in their companies, and 14% planning to increase service levels with flat budget.


Although the on-demand services are considered to be technologies that can improve business automation, support growth and reduce management costs, the vast majority of IT decision-makers (71%) declared that in the 2013 they are planning hardware and software implementations in the model traditional.


The study also showed that at the top of their priorities list, the UK business placed server virtualization and data center consolidation, and only 13% of them incline to implement public cloud infrastructure.


Data security remains the biggest concern of the UK IT professionals when it comes to cloud computing. Other challenges include lack of interoperability and migration issues to and from the cloud. Only 5% more respondents (27%) preferred public vendor cloud platforms, than private cloud platforms.


The study also showed that consolidation of data centers is the key priority for IT decision makers, they also prefer to introduce and implement BYOD security policies,  than use cloud computing services. Almost half of the respondents plan to implement BYOD policies, but only 29% looking for a way to allow users to use their own devices in the corporate network. Only 12% said they had plans to implement appropriate policies for the use of services such as mail, 13% of them plan to allow employees to use Google Docs, and 16% to store documents in the cloud.