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Cloud Guide - step by step

When the company executives decide to introduce cloud computing in the organization, it is crucial to remember that the process of implementing the cloud should be carried in accordance to the scheme below. These are the steps, a kind of a guide useful when implementing cloud computing.



Name your aim      

This is the process requiring carefulness and patience, and the organization executive managers should pay this step much attention. It is important to understand advantages and possibilities depending on the decision. The most necessary condition in implementing the cloud technologies is careful and measured planning.    


Estimate the resources

When it is clear what your company expects from implementing the cloud, it is time to analyze the resources – name applications to be moved first and the in-house know-how to support the migration. At the beginning should be migrated the applications that are not crucial to the company and those which clients do not see first. Now the cloud can be tested with lower risk historical applications in the company. This is an occasion to learn how to use the cloud.      


Choosing your cloud provider      

This is the key question. A good PARTNER should have knowledge and resources to be able to create a fully manageable cloud for your needs. A perfect partner should: 


• provide with the necessary environment – hardware, virtualization technologies, technical knowledge and the full current service and support, enabling your cloud to perform fluently;

• ensure proper security of the data in your cloud – backup system, hypervisor backup, hardware spare parts and Service Level Agreement (SLA);

• dispose of three kinds of resources: in-house know-how, branch industry partners and other virtualization technologies partners;

• be innovative, because a good partner will not only provide you with the latest solutions available for your cloud, but will also show in any news on-the-fly.     


Start to the clouds      

When you already choose a provider and decide what resources to migrate as first, it is time to start implementation. The pilot project does not require any capital outlays or incur liabilities and the process of its implementing is very easy. This is the moment to consider if a cloud in that form is the most appropriate for the needs of your company. If so, it is time to start implementing the cloud on wider scale. But remember, do not do everything at once. You have to overvalue your needs and extend them in time to be able to gain from your cloud as many benefits as possible. You do not have to adjust to your cloud. It is the cloud that has to fit your needs perfectly.      


Start now!      

Because now is the best moment! Cloud computing saves your money, gives you easier access to applications you could not effort to buy earlier, with complex service and installation. Experimenting with cloud computing today will allow your company to take best possible position, not just to survive but to spread your wings in the times of recession.